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The Technology of Smart Packaging

By Dr. Mark Bohan, Vice President, Technology and Research, and Gary Jones, Assistant Vice President, EHS Affairs, Printing Industries of America

The following article by Dr. Mark Bohan and Gary Jones, is a fascinating snapshot of not just the future, but what is happening right now in the printing industry. As they note in their article, "The pace of smart packaging advancements has evolved to the point that they have moved from the conceptual phase to providing real solutions that were not possible just a few years ago. Smart packaging offers many benefits to the manufacturer, retailer, and the consumer. The most important aspect of the smart packaging revolution is that many of the approaches are available today in commercial products and will continue to grow as both the consumer and manufacturer reap the benefits of these simple and, in many cases, cost-effective solutions. Smart packaging is here to stay and will provide for the long-term future of packaging segment."

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Creations by Nora

Nora Gray, owner of Creations by Nora, is having her annual Christmas Extravaganza this week. Check out her wonderful array of Christmas decorations, themed Christmas trees and beautiful arrangements.



Southeastern University's Dr. Brian Carroll

At this month's Imperial Polk Advertising Federation meeting, Dr. Brian Carroll of Southeastern University shared an amusing video clip, called Medieval Help Desk, reminding us once again how technological advancements can create some frustrating challenges for some of us.



As a printer, being able to provide multiple cohesive services for clients makes it easy for them to get everything they need in one location. So when one of our clients, who provide ongoing medical education to the health care industry, needed a custom solution to combine all of their materials into one pack we were more than capable to help. 

They had multiple components and needed a simplified way to secure and deliver everything into one piece.

We created a solution to house textbooks, DVDs, and print collateral using custom die-cutting, folding, scoring, and packaging.

Once the project was completed we were able to provide shipping and fulfillment services all over the world.

The result has been received with great praise from our client and has helped them be successful in keeping their cost down.

If you would like to have us develop a custom solution for your next kit, please contact us at 863.682.4881 or fill out our contact form and a team member will be in contact with you shortly.