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History & Heritage: Guide to Polk County (printed by Crown Printing)

By Tom Palmer of The Ledger                   

Polk's top historical and cultural sites are finally on the map.

VisitCentralFlorida.org has published a brochure which features dozens of sites in Polk County and Central Florida of historical and cultural interest to residents and visitors.To see it, open a recently published brochure titled "History & Heritage Guide To Polk County."


It is the first time in Polk's history that information on the county's significant historical and cultural sites has been assembled in one place, the result of more than a year of effort coordinated by Myrtice Young, Polk's historic preservation manager.

"This will help to take the walls down from around the historical museum," Young said as she discussed the brochure's impact in her office at the Polk History Center in downtown Bartow, a former county courthouse building that now houses a historical museum and a historic and genealogical library.

It's part of a growing effort that has been building over the past few years to expand Polk's tourism promotion activities beyond sporting events to include more cultural events, heritage tourism and ecotourism.

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