Crown Printing was incorporated in 1967 by its founder Ralph Rust and his wife Betty.

Ralph came to Lakeland as a Navy recruiter in the early 1960's. After retiring from the Navy, he decided he wanted to continue his chosen profession as a printer, a trade, he had learned in school, and perfected during his time in the military. Ralph chose the name Crown because he wanted the business to reflect a commitment to quality. He wanted his customers to know they could expect the best service possible. Throughout Ralph's printing tenure, his wife Betty worked at Sears in Lakeland, retiring after 25 years.

His legacy came through his son, Mark, who began working by his dad's side as a young man, ultimately taking over day to day operations. Mark Rust, along with co-owner Edith Ross bought the company from Mark's parents in 1999.







While Mark tackles the daily operations, Edith leads the administrative side. In 2001, they worked with Ron Hinklemen and Allen Reed to create a high energy efficient building with a modern environmental design that could handle the large scale work they were accustomed to doing.

The years of experience between the two of them has allowed them to handle large and complicated jobs, iron out a solid and smooth workflow, and establish a long standing reputation of quality, keeping consistent with Ralph's vision from day one.